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Buy 0845 Business Phone Numbers UK

At Cleartone Communications, we provide 0845 telephone numbers to all sorts of businesses so that they can maintain a national presence with their telecommunications. Unlike a normal landline number, there is no geographical association with an 0845 number so when you give it to clients, customers and suppliers, they will not be able to tell where your enterprise is located. What's more, a professional 0845 phone number will make your business seem that much better established and more geared up to the needs of modern consumers and companies.

We offer three 0845 number call packages at Cleartone Communications, so you are bound to find the right one for you. All of them are feature-rich and offer a great deal of functionality and flexibility. For example, with our basic, premium and unlimited packages, you can block certain callers, make use of Business WhatsApp integration, provide music on hold and take advantage of our instant routing, as well. If you are looking for a non-geographical number for your business, then there is no better place to turn.

How does an 0845 telephone number work?

What are 0845 numbers, you may well ask? Essentially, they are virtual numbers that when dialled will transfer the caller seamlessly to your business landline or mobile. The caller will have no idea that their call has been routed in this way so you can use it in any manner you see fit.

What's more, with Cleartone Communications, you will be able to use your online dashboard to organise where your 0845 number is forwarded to depending on the time of day. For example, during business hours, you could have it routed to your landline while at other times, your mobile becomes the destination for each call. This way, you will never miss an important business call again!

What are the benefits of having an 0845 number?

0845 telephone numbers make a business sound more professional. They are certainly easier to remember than most mobile numbers. At Cleartone Communications, it is easy to obtain a memorable 0845 phone number and to start using it on a FREE 30-day trial period. When you use an 0845 number, you can stop operating geographically, too. This is ideal for local businesses that want to have a growing reach into other regions or for enterprises that move around a lot and, therefore, don't want a main business number with a geographical code.

Why choose Cleartone Communications for your 0845 phone number requirements?

Whether you want timed diverts, an automated welcome greeting, missed call alerts or even the ability to receive email notifications about your chosen 0845 number's usage, Cleartone Communications is the clear choice. Our 0845 telephone numbers can operate with hunt groups or call a single phone depending on your requirements. As such, we are the only 0845 number operator you will ever need!

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Increase professionalism and credibility

Success is key and with Cleartone we can help you achieve this goal. Appear as professional as possible with one of our wide-range of business numbers

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Know when a business call is coming through, know when you miss a business call, hear call recordings and choose when and where calls ring to - as well as where voicemails and missed call information is emailed to.

Portable number

All our numbers will stay with you for life. Take the number wherever you go, whether you move office, home or even country you can change where this number is forwarded to – and it will always alert you that a business call is coming through