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What happens when someone calls a virtual Southampton business telephone number?

If you dial an 023 number from a phone in the UK, then it will direct you to a fixed line somewhere in the city of Southampton or close by. The 023 area code covers places like Totton, Eastleigh and Horton Heath, too. However, with a virtual area code number beginning with 023, callers can have their calls answered from any landline or mobile phone. So, a business that has its headquarters in London but which wants to advertise a Southampton local area code telephone number for residents to call can do so. The number might be answered in the capital but callers will still assume their call is being handled in Southampton.

Likewise, businesses can redirect virtual Southampton local area code numbers to Edinburgh, Bristol or Nottingham. It doesn't matter where the call is redirected to, it will always seem to be a Southampton office that is dealing with the response. Callers won't notice a delay in their call as it is forwarded to the agreed number, nor will they hear anything that makes them think their call has been redirected. In fact, mobile phones can also be used to answer virtual 023 area code numbers, as well. This is a good thing to know if your business operates in and around Southampton but you don't have an office in the city. With a Southampton virtual local area business number on your social media, website and business cards, it will seem as though you do.

Benefit from a flexible service with Southampton area code numbers

At Cleartone Communications, we can get your virtual Southampton area code telephone number up and running rapidly. We do not have any minimum contract period for you to worry about so there is very little to commit to. Indeed, we will offer your business a FREE trial period to see how simple the service is to operate. Just use it for up to 30 days without charge and we think you will be impressed at how many more callers will be willing to phone your number just because it is a local one. Please note that we do not charge to set the service up and there is a FREE connection to your Southampton area code number, too.

Choose Cleartone Communications for your virtual Southampton area code telephone number

With a versatile way of operating, Cleartone Communications makes it easy to change when and how your virtual 023 area code number will be answered. For example, you could have calls forward to a landline in the mornings but to a mobile phone in the afternoons or at weekends. Just access your secure dashboard and enter the number(s) you would like your virtual local area code to ring on. There are other great features, too, such as nuisance caller blocking, music on hold and the ability to integrate your number with WhatsApp, amongst others

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