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What are virtual Nottingham area code business telephone numbers?

All Nottingham business telephone numbers begin with 0115 because of the way that telephone exchanges are organised in the UK. This geographical system means that anyone who sees an 0115 number to dial on a website, social media or business card is more than likely to associate it with a business that is based in the city. Nevertheless, with a virtual Nottingham area code phone number from Cleartone Communications, businesses can operate from anywhere with a great deal more flexibility.

To begin with, obtaining a virtual area code number for Nottingham means that calls to a Nottingham number can be redirected to any phone you like. So, if your business is based in Derby, for example, but you want to make it seem as though calls will be answered in Nottingham, then a virtual 0115 number will create this impression for you. In fact, businesses from Dundee to Exeter can all publish a virtual 0115 number to encourage more calls from Nottingham. This is a good way of creating a localised presence in the city without having to open up offices there.

Moreover, virtual Nottingham area code business numbers also help firms that are actually based in the city. If your business currently publishes a mobile number for people to call, then it can create the sometimes false impression that you are not a truly professional firm. With a virtual Nottingham number, on the other hand, you will seem that much more rooted in the city. Even better, callers to your virtual number can still be answered just as they always have – on your mobile phone while you are out and about.

Trial a Nottingham area code number for FREE

There is a FREE 30-day period you can take advantage of to trial the service. With Cleartone Communications, there is also a FREE connection and setup, so you can experiment with a virtual Nottingham area code number without risk. Indeed, there are no minimum contractual obligations – just select the call plan you want and start using the service. Many businesses that operate in Nottingham find that adopting a local area code in their sales literature helps to increase inbound call rates no end.

Which additional services can you benefit from with a virtual Nottingham area code?

When you have callers dialling your company on your Nottingham area code number, it is important to be able to choose which phone line(s) their calls will ring on. To give you complete control over this, Cleartone Communications offers a state-of-the-art online dashboard. Log into it securely and alter how calls are redirected whenever you need to make changes. You can also use the dashboard to review a host of statistics and alerts. Furthermore, when you have a virtual 0115 number, callers will be able to leave voicemails, listen to automated welcome greetings and hear music while they hold among many other features.

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