Local Geographical Number

Local 01 & 02 number to give your business a local presence in the area

What is an 01 or 02 number?

Any number that starts with 01 or 02 are local landline numbers, that are specific to a city or town in the UK. These local numbers are also known as geographic numbers or virtual numbers. We can provide you a landline number in any location in the UK. For example, Manchester 0161 numbers, Liverpool 0151 numbers, London 0207 number, London 0203 numbers, Birmingham 0121 number and hundreds more areas.

Cost to call local 01 & 02 numbers?

Calls in the UK to any number starting with 01, 02 or 03 are charged at a local-rate and are included in both mobile and landlines minutes, making it free to call for most callers. All our geographic Business landline numbers come with a wide range of call features, ensuring that you never miss another call or business opportunity.

Benefits of using having a local number…

If you offer a local service or want to attract callers from a particular area without the high costs of renting an office, a local number starting with either 01/02 would be ideal. Cleartone can provide you a landline number for any area in the UK.

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Monthly Rental




Inclusive Minutes
5000 5000 Unlimited
Per minute charge for landline divert (after inclusive)
2p 2p 0p
Per minute charge for mobile divert (after inclusive)
N/A 2p 0p

All services have FREE setup and connection, no minimum contract and allow FREE access to our leading-edge online app, helping you to easily manage your service

* 99p for the first 3 months per/month, £9.99 per/month thereafter

Inbound Call Features

Welcome Greeting

Choose to play a customised welcome announcement to your callers.

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Call Whisper

Before answering, we will tell you if it is a business call or a personal call.

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Dedicated Voicemail

A personalised business voicemail message for your number.

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Email Notification

Receive email information each time you miss a call or when a caller leaves you a message.

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Trip/Hunt Group

Divert your business number to ring on multiple numbers at the same time or when there is no answer.

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Time of day routing

Control where your calls are being routed to during and outside office hours ensuring you don't miss a call.

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Instant routing

Change where your Cleartone number rings instantly on your online control panel.

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Disaster Recovery

If phone lines are down - instantly change where calls ring on the online control panel 24/7.

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Online Control Panel

Manage your number and make all your crucial changes 24/7 in real time.

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Remould your business into something extraordinary


Increase professionalism and credibility

Success is key and with Cleartone we can help you achieve this goal. Appear as professional as possible with one of our wide-range of business numbers

Get maximum control of your calls

Know when a business call is coming through, know when you miss a business call, hear call recordings and choose when and where calls ring to - as well as where voicemails and missed call information is emailed to.

Portable number

All our numbers will stay with you for life. Take the number wherever you go, whether you move office, home or even country you can change where this number is forwarded to – and it will always alert you that a business call is coming through

Raise your company profile and gain more control

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